Learn To Drive – A Valuable Addition To The School Curriculum

So many of our young people are leaving the educational system and finding a job hard to come by these days. I am left wondering why such an essential skill as driving is left aside from the educational process. From what i can see, many employers are looking for applicants with driving licences to fill their “situations vacant.” This must surely bring jobseekers a severe disadvantage, unless they have been lucky enough to have been afforded lessons funded by family. Surely a driving licence is as essential a qualification as Arithmetic in many jobs?
For a number of school leavers, perhaps their academic prowess has fallen short of the mark for university, college, or an engineering apprenticeship, yet these same young adults could be able to get into stable employment if they were given the opportunity to gain a driving licence. It seems the exclusion of driving from the school curriculum could fail a number of young adults.
As many driving instructors would attest, the vast majority of their pupils are aged 17-25. I can only see benefits if we – instructors – could work within the school system. Firstly, financial restraints could be relieved from families and learners could be given comprehensive training in all driving aspects. Currently, money still restricts pupils from fulfilling their full potential. How many go on to Pass Plus? Less than one percent theĀ  last i knew.
Instead of jobs being only open to the financially fortunate, why not give our young people an equal chance?