Our Learner Resources

Finding your way around our Yaris Driving School Cars
In 2003, the driving test was upgraded to include TWO questions on car maintenance, find out what you need to know about these basic procedures for your test.

Show/Tell Video & Questions
Glasgow comedian Gary McNair covers the show/tell questions for the Driving Test.

The Cockpit Drill
Find the procedure for entering the vehicle and getting prepared to drive.

This section explains the function of the main controls and how to use them.

Moving Off
The procedure to move off on a level road.

To Stop Normally
This section explains the process of stopping safely and smoothly.

Moving Off Uphill
Explains the steps to move off uphill safely and under control.

Moving Off Downhill
Explains how to keep control and avoid your vehicle surging off downhill!

Approaching and Turning Left And Right – Major to Minor
This page explains how to look, assess, decide and act when approaching to turn from a major road into a minor road.

Dealing With Junctions – Emerging From a “T” Junction
How to identify, plan and approach to emerge at a “T” junction.

Dealing With A “Meet” Situation
What to do when there is not enough room for passing oncoming traffic.

Crossing The Path Of Traffic
Advice on how you can safely judge safe gaps to cross the path of traffic.

Guidance on overtaking safely and considerations a driver must make before attempting this manoeuvre.

The Turn In The Road Exercise
Clearly explains the procedure for turning in the road and how to achieve a driving test pass for this exercise!

Reverse Parking Exercise
Helpful guidelines to achieve successful parking using reverse gear and gain driving test success!