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New Chapter, New Driving Instructor Training Career

Driving Instructor Training Glasgow –  Courses Available Now.

At Really Good Driving School we are hugely fortunate to have vastly experienced and top graded instructor trainers, who deliver the best driving instructor training Glasgow has to offer. If you are considering becoming a driving instructor, we can help you every step of the way.

Our Training

Our driving instructor training Glasgow courses are  based on a one-to-one setting. Your training will happen where it matters – on the road in a car where you will be earning your future living.

Approved Driving Instructor Part 1 Test
We can advise and guide you though a self study programme – this can save a lot of money and is entirely achievable with a bit of homework. Potential Driving Instructors mostly pass Part 1 with guidance from us, and as a self study.

Approved Driving Instructor Part 2 of  the A.D.I. qualification process.
After an initial assessment you will be working with your trainer on the road, learning to perfect your driving skills to an expert level. We believe that to be an expert instructor you need to be able to demonstrate expert driving skills – and so do the D.V.S.A! After passing Part 2 you will be entitled to apply for a trainee licence.

Approved Driving Instructor Part 3 Process

You will  be learning: How to be a professional driving instructor. If we teach you how to be a professional driving instructor, you will pass Part 3 and be prepared for an instructional career ahead!

You WON’T be crowded into a car with other trainees.

You WILL be guided every step of the way.

Driving Instructor Training Courses in Glasgow with “Pay As You Go” or Block Book

At “Really Good” we have a  popular “pay as you go” option, in addition to block book. You will be  able to train at your own pace, without paying a large sum of cash in advance, and without the uncertainty of knowing if your money has been well spent.

You can register to become a driving instructor at https://www.gov.uk/apply-to-become-a-driving-instructor

Job Prospects – Our Offer

In order to qualify and be a successful A.D.I. you will need to be entirely dedicated and determined. We offer  trainees who impress us by their effort and enthusiasm the opportunity to become part of our fanchise team. They enjoy a full diary of pupils, holidays, and the ongoing backup of our experience in the industry.

If you think you fit the job, please Call or Email andy@reallygooddrivingschool.com, we will offer no obligation advice on the first steps towards successful driving instructor training in Glasgow.

Our Trainers

  Andy Jack - ownerAndy Jack is owner of Really Good Driving School Glasgow. He has been an instructor for over 25 years – currently Grade 6.   Also a fleet driver trainer, and a holder of a “Cardington Special Test” certificate. Andy’s experience and commitment towards excellence has rubbed off on many an aspiring A.D.I. You will find he is a total enthusiast, and he will expect  you to match that. It’s the first essential skill of the job.


Alan Kidd.Our Driving Instructor Training Glasgow expert.Alan Kidd has also been an A.D.I. for many years – more than he would perhaps care to mention! Alan is a A.D.I. Part 2 and Standards Check specialist. He is Standard Check A, totally professional, and expert in taking experienced drivers and helping them develop all the expertise to be an instructor. As soon as you meet Alan, you will know you are in safe hands.


All you need to do is call 07703 575 448 for a chat. It could be you are making the first assured move towards receiving the most expert driving instructor training Glasgow can offer.