The Driving Test – Is It All A Fix?

New to the world of blogging, i was thinking of what subject from the world of driving i should choose to open for debate. So here goes, and it may be a controversial topic – IS THE DRIVING TEST A FIX?

For over 22 years I have been meeting people who believe that driving examiners have quotas and it’s mostly down to luck whether a candidate passes or not.
It is indeed a fact that examiners have quotas. For instance, if an examiner conducts seven tests in a day, then only seven candidates can therefore pass.

As for the belief that passing is down to luck, there is also some truth in this. For instance, a candidate who is lacking in some competencies may just get lucky on the day: but then again, may go on to be fatally unlucky in theirĀ  future driving. One thing I can be certain of is that those candidates who have been thoroughly trained and have gathered enough experience usually pass. The converse is equally true: those who have not gained sufficient skill and experience will, thankfully for themselves and the rest of the public, almost certainly fail.