“Hotspot” Areas in Anniesland – Known Places Where Serious Driving Test Errors Occur

Some driving test routes – in fact most – have areas or junctions that commonly cause candidates problems on tests. There is way more to driving safely than learning test routes however, and credible instructors would always teach effective scanning and forward planning, but a bit of “local knowledge” never hurt when under the pressure of a test.

From Anniesland test centre I would suggest to be careful when turning left at the traffic lights at the top of Archerhill Rd. as there will be a red light at a pelican crossing within 20 meters around the corner. Many candidates fail to see this, alas.

On Chamberlain Rd., after Jordanhill School on the way back to the test centre, there is a sharp bend to the left just over a hill – it is also highlighted with a “sharp deviation to left” traffic sign. Again, some candidates fail to recognise this and attempt to carry on straight, effectively crossing the path of potentially oncoming traffic. This has caught many candidates out over the years.

If you are concerned that you may need a bit more local knowledge before taking a test at Anniesland, consider a course of lessons with www.reallygooddrivingschool.comĀ  We will teach you how to scan and plan, and also give that bit extra in sharing our “local knowledge.”

These are just two potential “hotspots” and, as previously stated, if “scan and plan” is developed candidates will cope with all situations.