Intensive Driving Courses – Do They Work?

Intensive driving courses in Glasgow seem much more popular nowadays than when I was instructing in the Nineties and Naughties. Perhaps people are enticed by the notion of getting it all done in a few weeks, or may feel their learning style requires longer periods of driving spaced closely together. In many cases riving schools offer big discounts on intensive courses. It would seem however, that driving instructors are themselves divided in opinion as to how effective intensive courses really are.

Personally,  I think intensive driving courses certainly have their place as a training programme. What i would say with certainty is that they are not suited to everyone. This is where a skilled and experienced driving instructor can really help. As learners are all individuals in their learning needs, so they require an approach that is individually suited to them. Just a few hours with a “Really Good” instructor will normally enough to assess a learners suitability for intensive training. Instructors then have the opportunity to help learners decide if they have the necessary concentration and stamina for such a course, how long the course should be, and if they are likely to progress quickly enough to take a test at the end of their course.

It is in the interest of any responsible driving instructor to “best advise” their pupil on the above. In addition, instructors are professionally obliged not to submit pupils for tests until they have proven themselves “test ready.” Herein lies a potential problem: the learner may for instance, not progress to test standard within the course time. Sometimes learners may be doing really well but could struggle with reversing or roundabouts, for instance. The closer to test date they get, the more the pressure goes on – for both learner and instructor. Here, the instructor will do their very best for their pupil, but in final analysis, if the pupil is not at a safe standard, the instructor must advise cancellation of the test – however disappointing that may be.

On the up side, the learner will still have gained a lot of driving skills in a short space of time – they will just need to persevere a bit longer in their training. The down side could be a loss of a test fee, unless the instructor is able to determine difficulties early enough.

There is much to consider with intensive driving courses in Glasgow. Please feel free to contact Really Good Driving School or our sister site anytime to discuss learning requirements.