New Graduated Licence Proposals – A different “School” of Thought

Yes, we need to do something to improve accident statistics for 18 – 24 year olds behind the wheel. In my opinion there is no question the current system exposes young and new drivers – and others using the road –  to extreme danger. Given  that drivers in the above age group account for only one twentieth of all driving miles  U.K. wide, however are involved in one fifth of fatal or serious driving accidents, you don’t need a degree in statistics to work out something is wrong.

Proposed measures, aimed at a graduated licence, could still see learners begining driving lessons at 17, however they would be required to reach 18 before gaining a licence.

During the learning process one hundred hours of supervised driving and at least twenty hours of night driving. Additional restrictions such as a night curfew, and not being allowed to carry passengers are being mooted.

Practice Makes Perfect

Surely there can be no doubt that practice improves performance? As long as driver training remains a financial consideration i fear the public will still look for the cheapest way possible to gain a licence. Cheap is not always good. Look at the take up for the Pass Plus scheme. Less than 1.5% of newly qualified drivers take this course – despite never having previously driven on a motorway.
Instructors explain the merits of post test training and pupils (or parents) decline the opportunity in droves. Maybe they feel having passed  the new driver can be further trained by parents, or maybe they think they will just “go in at the deep end.” Whatever, the public rejection of driver training other than the bare neccessities needed to pass a test, must surely contribute to the aforementioned casualty rate.

 National curriculum for Schools

Personally, i am a huge advocate for bringing driver training into the shool curriculum. For one, it would remove the “budget licence” mentalliity that persists currently. Learners can get there in their own time. They can enter a group learning environment where experiences can be shared. They can be given more thorough attitude training and psycometric testing. They can leave school with an increasingly essential credential for the job market. How many jobs now state “driving licence essential”?

Education Rather Than Restriction and Regulation

The current proposals will no doubt be seen as restrictive by many, indeed they are just that. With an effective learning programme, fit for our current times, we may find that its also very much more cost effective. Consider the costs of policing and administrating such proposals. Would the expense not be better used to make our new drivers well educated, careful, responsible and skilled road users?

Hope For New Drivers

The Government are considering a raft of new proposals to reduce new and young driver accident statistics. These include a move towards a more graduated system of qualification. The time taken for learning may include a minimum period for supervised practice.
Motorway driving, driving in adverse conditions and in darkness may also become part of the process of qualification.

In addition, a more searching driving test may be introduced. Bearing in mind these considerations may take years to come to fruition, and indeed not see implementation, why not just consider post test training on Motorways etc. It could make all the difference.


Increased Sentences for Serious Driving Offences? Partick Needs It!

David  Cameron is ready  to set up a review of current punishments for serious motoring offences. Given that two innocent people recently lost their lives to an already banned motorist in England, you can see why such a crime is so horrendous as to be considered a murder.
Just a couple of months ago, a “Really Good Driving School” pupil in Partick was walking across a pedestrian crossing – with the green man showing –  late at night when he got hit by a van. It was a “hit and run” scenario, and David has been left unable to work for three months, let alone have driving lesson. No one has been caught, but after witnessing the distress caused to David and his mother, it is easy to envisage the sense of injustice victims and their families feel.

Another Instructor Trained by “Really Good” Driving School in Glasgow Westend

Well done to Jim McIntosh and his trainer Brett Fairlie for passing through the a.d.i. process successfully. Jim had tried to get through with a very large training company who charged him heaps of money. However, Brett was able to rescue Jim and help him become all he could be. Whatever you are learning, quality teaching is a must to succeed.

There is No “Fastlane”

I keep hearing t.v. and radio presenters talking about the “fast lane” on a motorway. There is no fast lane, as such. Normally all lanes have the same speed limit (usually 70m.p.h.). The right hand lane should be used only for overtaking.

New A.D.I. Standards Test

The new standards test for driving instructors comes to Glasgow next year. Our staff tutor, Brett Fairlie, is fully equipped to train existing and qualifying a.d.i’s to surpass this standard. You don’t need to be part of RGDS. Give us a call and we will help you become all you can and could be.

New Driving School Passes at Anniesland


Kirsty Does It!Couldn’t have wished for a better instructor. Always reassuring and patient,clearly explains everything so it makes sense. Never rushed onto new things until ready which boosted my confidence 100%. So happy to have passed and would urge anyone to contact Really Good Driving School for a smooth stress free road to success 🙂

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Our Driving Instructors Cover Glasgow

“Really Good” have now added the services of Jim McIntosh to cover our lessons in Glasgow North and East. Jim has  all the attributes that come standard with all our staff. Expert knowledge, patience, friendly personality, and a passion to teach.

If you live want driving lessons in Glasgow East/North, why not give us a call on 07703 575 448? Jim will soon have you smiling and enjoying the learning experience!

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Here at RGDS we are pleased to announce that due to demand we can now cover driving lessons throughout Glasgow. This means we can now take pupils from the Glasgow Southside and Eastend.