Driving Lessons

New Graduated Licence Proposals – A different “School” of Thought

Yes, we need to do something to improve accident statistics for 18 – 24 year olds behind the wheel. In my opinion there is no question the current system exposes young and new drivers – and others using the road –  to extreme danger. Given  that drivers in the above age group account for only one twentieth of all driving miles  U.K. wide, however are involved in one fifth of fatal or serious driving accidents, you don’t need a degree in statistics to work out something is wrong.

Proposed measures, aimed at a graduated licence, could still see learners begining driving lessons at 17, however they would be required to reach 18 before gaining a licence.

During the learning process one hundred hours of supervised driving and at least twenty hours of night driving. Additional restrictions such as a night curfew, and not being allowed to carry passengers are being mooted.

Practice Makes Perfect

Surely there can be no doubt that practice improves performance? As long as driver training remains a financial consideration i fear the public will still look for the cheapest way possible to gain a licence. Cheap is not always good. Look at the take up for the Pass Plus scheme. Less than 1.5% of newly qualified drivers take this course – despite never having previously driven on a motorway.
Instructors explain the merits of post test training and pupils (or parents) decline the opportunity in droves. Maybe they feel having passed  the new driver can be further trained by parents, or maybe they think they will just “go in at the deep end.” Whatever, the public rejection of driver training other than the bare neccessities needed to pass a test, must surely contribute to the aforementioned casualty rate.

 National curriculum for Schools

Personally, i am a huge advocate for bringing driver training into the shool curriculum. For one, it would remove the “budget licence” mentalliity that persists currently. Learners can get there in their own time. They can enter a group learning environment where experiences can be shared. They can be given more thorough attitude training and psycometric testing. They can leave school with an increasingly essential credential for the job market. How many jobs now state “driving licence essential”?

Education Rather Than Restriction and Regulation

The current proposals will no doubt be seen as restrictive by many, indeed they are just that. With an effective learning programme, fit for our current times, we may find that its also very much more cost effective. Consider the costs of policing and administrating such proposals. Would the expense not be better used to make our new drivers well educated, careful, responsible and skilled road users?

Hope For New Drivers

The Government are considering a raft of new proposals to reduce new and young driver accident statistics. These include a move towards a more graduated system of qualification. The time taken for learning may include a minimum period for supervised practice.
Motorway driving, driving in adverse conditions and in darkness may also become part of the process of qualification.

In addition, a more searching driving test may be introduced. Bearing in mind these considerations may take years to come to fruition, and indeed not see implementation, why not just consider post test training on Motorways etc. It could make all the difference.


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Really Good Driving School All Around Glasgow

Here at RGDS we are pleased to announce that due to demand we can now cover driving lessons throughout Glasgow. This means we can now take pupils from the Glasgow Southside and Eastend.

Learn To Drive – A Valuable Addition To The School Curriculum

So many of our young people are leaving the educational system and finding a job hard to come by these days. I am left wondering why such an essential skill as driving is left aside from the educational process. From what i can see, many employers are looking for applicants with driving licences to fill their “situations vacant.” This must surely bring jobseekers a severe disadvantage, unless they have been lucky enough to have been afforded lessons funded by family. Surely a driving licence is as essential a qualification as Arithmetic in many jobs?
For a number of school leavers, perhaps their academic prowess has fallen short of the mark for university, college, or an engineering apprenticeship, yet these same young adults could be able to get into stable employment if they were given the opportunity to gain a driving licence. It seems the exclusion of driving from the school curriculum could fail a number of young adults.
As many driving instructors would attest, the vast majority of their pupils are aged 17-25. I can only see benefits if we – instructors – could work within the school system. Firstly, financial restraints could be relieved from families and learners could be given comprehensive training in all driving aspects. Currently, money still restricts pupils from fulfilling their full potential. How many go on to Pass Plus? Less than one percent the  last i knew.
Instead of jobs being only open to the financially fortunate, why not give our young people an equal chance?

Motorway Driving Lessons In Glasgow West

Motorway driving lessons in Glasgow West- in fact any area with a motorway, could possibly be the single biggest advance in new driver training since…since i can remember.  The news that learner drivers may soon be allowed to have driving lessons on the Motorway in Glasgow West accompanied by their approved driving instructor, and be allowed to learn safe driving practices on the Motorway, can only be of great value to all. See http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/17093564

For many years this has been an opportunity deprived of the learner driver and often a significant omission in their driver training. Imagine the current state of affairs, where the new driver, having just passed their test, sets off on the M25, oblivious to what awaits them. After many years of campaigning someone in office has finally woken up to the thought that new drivers would be better learning how to drive on a motorway with a professional instructor, rather than be left fighting for themselves or being misinformed by some well-meaning family friend.
I cant wait to help my pupils negotiate the M8 during their driving lessons throughout Glasgow. No – one will be put into situations they cant cope with though. Motorway driving will come after all the more core competencies are achieved.
It is no surprise to me that the majority of drivers have little clue how to use a motorway. I keep hearing phrases like “fast lane”  “slow lane” and various other misnomers. It will be great to educate pupils in Motorway use, and hopefully these roads will be safer for all.

Some groups seem to be against the idea of “slow moving”  novice drivers clogging up Motorway lanes though. While no professional driving instructor would allow this situation to occur, it is possible that someone learning to drive with a well meaning family member or friend could be placed at risk, and therefore place everyone on the Motorway at risk. Here, i think is where we need to consider making Motorway learning restricted to being supervised by an Approved Driving Instructor. No doubt some will be up in arms with my proposal, but i think overall it is just too risky otherwise. It seems though, that the Government will allow learners to use Motorways with anyone holding a valid driving licence over 21 years of age, and who has been driving for over three years….