Following Distances at Speeds Over 40m.p.h. – Some Useful Advice

It has happened to all drivers, and by the same token, nearly all drivers must have done it. It occurs frequently on faster roads. It’s the cause of many accidents. The slang name for it is “tailgating,” which happens when one driver is following another vehicle far too close to be safe. Bang! You have either joined the vehicle in fronts occupants unexpectedly, or someone behind has joined onto the rear of your vehicle. Either way, you lose.
So, what do you do to reduce the risk of collision? Simply leave a gap of two seconds between your vehicle and the vehicle in front – four seconds in wet or adverse weather. If you are taking Driving Lessons with “Really Good Driving School” in Glasgow, your driving instructor will show you how to time this.

Leaving a separation gap allows you to react if the driver in front slows down suddenly, and means you don’t have to brake so hard that the driver behind – who may be following YOU too close – doesn’t run into your vehicle. On slower roads leave a yard -or metre – for every mile an hour of your speed.

Remember, tailgating does not get you anywhere more quickly, but does increase risk and anxiety for those around.

Motorway Driving Lessons In Glasgow West

Motorway driving lessons in Glasgow West- in fact any area with a motorway, could possibly be the single biggest advance in new driver training since…since i can remember.  The news that learner drivers may soon be allowed to have driving lessons on the Motorway in Glasgow West accompanied by their approved driving instructor, and be allowed to learn safe driving practices on the Motorway, can only be of great value to all. See

For many years this has been an opportunity deprived of the learner driver and often a significant omission in their driver training. Imagine the current state of affairs, where the new driver, having just passed their test, sets off on the M25, oblivious to what awaits them. After many years of campaigning someone in office has finally woken up to the thought that new drivers would be better learning how to drive on a motorway with a professional instructor, rather than be left fighting for themselves or being misinformed by some well-meaning family friend.
I cant wait to help my pupils negotiate the M8 during their driving lessons throughout Glasgow. No – one will be put into situations they cant cope with though. Motorway driving will come after all the more core competencies are achieved.
It is no surprise to me that the majority of drivers have little clue how to use a motorway. I keep hearing phrases like “fast lane”  “slow lane” and various other misnomers. It will be great to educate pupils in Motorway use, and hopefully these roads will be safer for all.

Some groups seem to be against the idea of “slow moving”  novice drivers clogging up Motorway lanes though. While no professional driving instructor would allow this situation to occur, it is possible that someone learning to drive with a well meaning family member or friend could be placed at risk, and therefore place everyone on the Motorway at risk. Here, i think is where we need to consider making Motorway learning restricted to being supervised by an Approved Driving Instructor. No doubt some will be up in arms with my proposal, but i think overall it is just too risky otherwise. It seems though, that the Government will allow learners to use Motorways with anyone holding a valid driving licence over 21 years of age, and who has been driving for over three years….